Farewell Flowers

At this sad time let me help

As the final mark of respect and token of your affection for a loved one when they have passed away, Mill Blossom Flowers can help you achieve a fitting tribute that reflects the personality of your nearest and dearest.

I like to use biodegradable natural products using British seasonal flowers wherever possible and will gently guide you on matters of style and colour within your budget, from the simplest tied sheaf to more elaborate coffin sprays.

I will also use flowers from your garden, if that is your wish, to bring special memories of your loved one.

I also offer a grave tending service in the local area for those who are unable to visit their loved ones resting place. I can keep headstones clean and place flowers regularly or just as a one off or special anniversaries. 

Please contact me for more information.

I would really love to help.