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About Mill Blossom Flowers

Natural  Wild   Unique


I am Jackie and have loved flowers, gardening and everything crafty ever since I can remember. As a child I would make up posies of flowers from the garden and sell to passers by. In 2020 I decided to follow my dreams and use the therapy of flowers to create natural and wild designs for others to enjoy.

Living for most of my life in a small Cambridgeshire village with a delightful mill and blossom on the trees it gave me the inspiration for the name. Walking in the woods and hedgerows with Herbie, my beloved Border Terrier gives me loads of ideas for different concepts and designs. 

I buy my flowers from local flower farmers wherever possible as I am really passionate about supporting small businesses and helping the local community. 

2021 is my first year growing my own flowers. I was really lucky to be given the use of a small patch of land in the fen - beautiful black fen soil. I joined the Flowers from the Farm network in October 2021. The network supports small flower growers and is passionate, as I am, to encourage everyone to embrace seasonal British flowers. 

I hope you will join me on my journey and support local British flower growers.

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